CSCW 2015 Co-Authored Paper

Characterizing Online Rumoring Behavior Using Multi-Dimensional Signatures

Between January-June 2014, I had the pleasure of participating in Kate Starbird’s Directed Research Group, “Researching at the Intersection of Social Media and Disasters: Tracing the Spread of Misinformation after the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing”. Together, we used a series of qualitative techniques to generate actionable data regarding rumors in social media. Specifically, we targeted twitter users during the Boston Marathon.

During this project I…

  • Assigned and assisted in the development of codes measuring the accuracy of various rumors
  • Conducted statistical analyses of multivariate data, including qualitative and geospatial data types
  • Created data-parsing python scripts to assist other researchers and fill-in holes in our data collection
You can find the entire paper here:

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