Seattle's First Social Justice Hackathon

Co-organized and sole designer for a 2-day legal technology event

In the summer of 2015, Miguel Willis approached me to ask if I would be interested in helping him host the Social Justice Hackathon - an event that he was fundraising for to “unite the legal and tech communities to create innovative solutions to American access to justice.”

Together we worked nights and weekends to bring over 80 developers, designers, lawyers, law students, and business developers together to create innovative solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing our legal aid system.

I spent most of my time working as the designer - creating the website, social media assets, t-shirts, stickers, banners, etc. that would be used before, during and after the event.

The Prompt

Seattle Social Justice Hackathon (SSJH) - At least 80 percent of the legal needs of the poor and two-thirds of the legal needs of middle income Americans are not met. Seattle University's Social Justice Hackathon… seek[s] to eliminate the gap between those who need civil legal services and those who provide legal resources.

From this, I created the first asset - a logo that represented the event:


This logo ended up on the website, whose content, font style and color scheme was adjusted to match:


SSJH Website - Before


SSJH Website - After

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As the event came closer, I produced a flyer, sticker and t-shirts…


SSJH Flyer


SSJH Sticket



SSJH T-Shirt - Front


SSJH T-Shirt - Back



The Day Of

SSJH Event Photo

For the day of the event, I created banners (full-size to go next to the podium), posters and various printouts (including a customizable letterhead) to go around Seattle University's School of Law - the event venue:

Photo from GeekWire's coverage of the event.

SSJH Banner - Tall

SSJH Banner - Short

Break out printout

SSJH Breakout Handout


SSJH Letterhead Example

More photos from the Hackathon



The Demo Day


Following a long weekend full of coffee, computers and internet connectivity issues, the hackathon came to a close. After getting some sleep, Miguel and I started work on the Demo Day - planned for February 2016 at City Hall.

Along with designing the assests for the event, I also advised the three winning teams of SSJH as a UX professional.

Updated Website

SSJH Website - Updated for Demo Day

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More from the event at:

Instagram post - Mayor Murray introduces the SSJH Demo Day

Instagram post - Miguel speaks in front of the Demo Day slideshow

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